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The Border Church / La Iglesia Fronteriza




EVERY SUNDAY, friends from San Diego, Tijuana and around the world gather for our weekly celebration of binational communion at Friendship Park, the historic meeting place on the US-Mexico border. Afterward, through our collaboration with our friends at Via Migrante and the Casa de Luz, a hot, nutritious meal is shared free of charge on the Mexico side of the Park. Somehow, mysteriously, the border wall becomes the table of the Lord, a table at which all are welcome.  

Join us at any one of three locations: / Acompañanos en cualquier de nuestros tres sitios:

EN MÉXICO:  Nos reunimos al muro fronterizo empezando a  las 1:00 pm (Pacific).  DIRECCIONES

IN THE US:  We gather on the US side at 12:30 pm (Pacific) to hike in to Friendship Park: DIRECTIONS

FB LIVE We begin at / Empezamos a las  1:30 pm (Pacific time): 




The Border Church / La Iglesia Fronteriza is a nonsectarian Christian ministry centered in the celebration of open-table communion on the U.S.-Mexico border.​ ​Since November 2011, people from both the United States and Mexico have gathered each Sunday afternoon to share communion at Friendship Park, the historic border meeting place at the western edge of the border, overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Friends from near and far also join us "in the Cloud" via Zoom and Facebook Live. This Sunday celebration is also known as "EL FARO," because we gather in the shadow of Tijuana's landmark lighthouse, a reminder that God's grace shines indiscriminately on all. Somehow, mysteriously, the border wall becomes the table of the Lord. 




To follow Jesus and seek the reign of God by breaking bread
along and across the San Diego-Tijuana border.



That God’s love would reign over the US-Mexico borderlands so
that all people, sitting together at a common table, would experience
heaven on earth.




  • Faith, Hope, Love (1 Corinthians 13:13). These historic Christian virtues form the core of our belief and practice.

  • Accompaniment (Ruth 1:16). Literally and figuratively, we accompany displaced persons as an act of solidarity with them, our human siblings.

  • Friendship (Proverbs 17:17). We meet at Friendship Park and embody its named desire as a people committed to befriend people across divisions.

  • Transformation (2 Corinthians 3:18). By contemplating on God’s glory and working for the good together, we are transformed spiritually. 

  • Peace (Matthew 5:9). We accept Christ’s peace and seek to enact it on the border.

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