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Friends of Friendship Park is a community coalition advocating for enhanced U.S. access to the U.S.- Mexico border since 2006.


Marcha de Silencio
Sunday May 23, 2021

The Friends of Friendship Park are members of the community working to create a future in which the public will have unrestricted access to this historic meeting place. The Friends dedicate themselves to the work of advocacy on behalf of the many families who depend on the Park to be able to see their families and friends, and because they see in Friendship Park the possibility of a better future for the peoples of both Mexico and the United States. While fully accessible and well-utilized on the Mexico side, currently no U.S. access is permitted.


The Friends believe that Friendship Park holds huge potential to be an internationally recognized asset akin to several binational parks already established on the border between the United States and Canada. We envision its future as International Friendship Park—a shining embodiment of the truth that friendship is both at the foundation of relations between Mexico and the United States, and provides the best security for both nations.

Marcha de Silencio

May 23, 2021


The Friends hosted a silent march in support of opening Friendship Park. Thousands of families depend on Friendship Park to be reunited with their loved ones. The march covered about 3.5 miles from the parkland to the seashore.

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