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The Friends are committed to maintaining a presence on the U.S. side of Friendship Park, even while access to federal property is disallowed.

As of SEPTEMBER 2023, California's Border Field State Park is CLOSED.


When the State Park is accessible, it is open from 9:30 am- 7:00 pm.

During the "rainy season," visitors must hike (1.5 miles each way) to reach Monument Mesa.

During the "dry season," visitors can drive all the way to Monument Mesa (the site of Friendship Park), where parking (including disabled parking) and public facilities are available. The entrance fee is $7/vehicle.

Drive to 1250 Monument Road, San Diego CA 92154. Proceed to the State Park kiosk. After paying your entrance fee, follow the vehicle road (15 mph) to Monument Mesa.

Join with friends as we gather regularly to visit Border Field State Park, work in the Binational Garden (when possible), worship across the walls for Border Church, and stand in solidarity with families who want to meet at this transnational meeting place.

To learn more about our efforts to expand access to the U.S. side of Friendship Park, contact us or join our advocacy efforts.

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