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Members of the Friends of Friendship Park Steering Committee work together tirelessly toward the common goal of achieving regular U.S. access, enhancing the environs, and preserving the rich and vital history of Friendship Park.

They are members of the community working to create a future in which the public will have unrestricted access to this historic meeting place. For years, the Friends have dedicated themselves to the work of advocacy on behalf of the many who depend on the Park to visit with their families and friends—if currently through mesh fencing in the U.S.—and because they see in Friendship Park the possibility of a better future for the peoples of the United States and Mexico.As we evolve and grow as an organization, it is these torch-carriers who help light the way. 


Other members of the Steering Committee include:

  • Barbara Casserly

  • Alexis DeBram

  • Diane Keeling

  • Michelle Holling

  • Mona Kuczenski

  • Kathryn Santos

  • Robert Vivar

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