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Fiscally managed by the 501(c)3 non-profit organization Via International, every tax-deductible contribution you make helps us get closer to the binational meeting space that is our goal; an International Friendship Park.  

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There are several way in which you can make a difference. 


The Friends of Friendship Park is a volunteer coalition working towards a binational Friendship Park since 2006. Your contribution will help raise awareness about the Park and its history, maintain our vibrant programming, and advance our mission to enhance access to this historic, beloved, and vital  meeting place at the San Diego-Tijuana border.


Volunteering provides a means of investing your skills, mind, and heart in support of the Friends of Friendship Park's efforts to open Friendship Park to binational access. Our volunteers utilize  the power to increase public awareness about the issues facing the families and friends that long to visit, see the faces, and hold the hands of their loved ones. The skills and time volunteers contribute enables the progress of our cause and sustainability of our coalition. You have the opportunity to gain personal growth and a sense of purpose in knowing you are touching the lives of those effected by a divided park. Every task has a significant and beneficial effect on the bigger picture of creating an International Friendship Park. Volunteer opportunities include, but are not limited to:

Administrative Support

Social Media Marketing




Friends of Friendship Park is a volunteer-driven effort with several opportunities to participate. From research, administration, and event-planning tasks in the comfort of your home, to getting your hands dirty tending to the Binational Garden—and everything in-between, your help is invaluable and much appreciated. 

Event Support

"On the Ground" Team

Fundraising Outreach

Graphic Design

Thanks - we'll be in touch soon!

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