Lorena and her parents are from Santa Cruz, California. She came to visit her brother Pedro Luis, whom she had not seen  in 9 years.  Pedro Luis came all the way from Guanajuato, a town in the central part of the country. Lorena was visiting her partner too, who lives in Tijuana and she hadn’t seen him in 5 years. Her mother brought some tamales that she made herself and that Jose Luis used to love. Sadly, she discovered she could not pass anything through the wall until they arrived to the Park. We were invited to taste them, and they were delicious! They hope someday they will be able to share them with Pedro Luis along with sharing a hug.

Lorena y sus papas viajaron desde Santa Cruz, California para visitar a su hermano Pedro Luis a quien tenían 9 años de no verlo. Pedro Luis vive en Guanajuato, un estado en el centro del país. Lorena también estaba encontrándose con su pareja a quien tenía cerca de 5 años de no verlo. La mamá de Lorena trajo unos tamales para compartirlos con Pedro Luis. A Pedro Luis le encantaban los tamales hechos por su mamá. Ella supo que no podía pasar nada a través de la malla hasta el momento de llegar al Parque. Nos invito a probarlos, estaban muy sabrosos! Ellos esperan poder compartir los tamales y un abrazo muy pronto con Pedro Luis.

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