Have a Green Thumb?

Come plant in a garden that unites through the border!

Let us know if you want to lend a hand!

Déjanos saber si quieres ayudar!

Activity includes:

* tending to native flora within binational circles that connect through the border wall

* caring for food garden beds on the Mexican side.

Contact Dan Watman for more info!

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As we work toward a truly binational park, the Friends of Friendship Park propose the restoration of unrestricted public access to three locations: the historic Monument 258, the beach below Monument Mesa, and the Binational Friendship Garden of Native Plants. The garden's dual purpose is to create a space where people can make friends through the border wall and to promote the native flora of our region.   


History:  Located inside of Friendship Park about 100 yards directly East of the Historical monument and plaza along the US/MX border, the garden was started in March of 2007 as a Border encuentro event during the Salvemos la Playa beach cleaning environmental festival. Students from El Colegio de Tijuana gathered with students from Kearny Mesa High School in San Diego to plan the original rectangular plot.  


In the following years, the garden overcame many obstacles striving to create a light of hope through connection between people and with the earth in the shadow of the wall and a US policy of ever more separation and isolation at the border. See Dan Watman's personal account of the history of the garden through 2011.


Current Design:  While US Border Patrol made preparations for a new primary barrier near the end of 2011, a team of landscape architects, native plant experts, gardeners, and enthusiastic volunteers stored the plants in nurseries on either side of the border and got together to take advantage of the new slate and create a new design made up of bi-national circles bisected by the primary barrier. It is one garden that belongs to the people of both Tijuana and San Diego (as opposed to two separate gardens, US and Mexican).  


Each circle has a theme. The first and main circle is the "Mirror Garden" as, originally, the same species were planted on either side of the wall inside the circle. The second circle is the "Yellow Flower" garden where all of the natives produce yellow flowers. The last circle is the Cactus/Wish garden. It is made up of strictly succulents, cacti and rocks. Come visit this garden and write a wish on a rock! Another symbolic element of the garden design is the "White Sage River" which consists of a white sages (Salvia Apiana) that "S" through all three circles back and forth across the border to imitate the Tijuana river and raise awareness about its preservation.


Butterflies and Strawberries:  Two of the most recent additions to the native plants in the garden are the Plántago Erecta, a plant that attracts the endangered Quino Checkerspot and the Fragaria Chiloense, a wild Strawberry vine, our first edible! We're hoping to have strawberries by Spring of 2015!!


Current Access:  At present you can access the garden on the US side during regular visiting hours from 10a-2p Sat and Sun for a short time with permission from the Border Patrol Agent on duty. If you volunteer to work in the garden accompanied by Dan or another leader, you may be able to access the area for longer.

The Friends of Friendship Park is a non-partisan, grassroots coalition of individuals and organizations advocating for increased public access to the historic meeting place on the US-Mexico border.  For more information contact:


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